Prof. Thiel Member of the Academia Europaea


Professor Gerhard Thiel has been elected as a member of the Academia Europaea . The Academia Europaea is a European non-governmental scientific society founded in 1988. Its goal is to promote academic excellence in a variety of scientific disciplines and to further the development of public education in the scientific fields represented in the Academy. The members come from all over Europe. The election of the new members represents an award: After inviting potential candidates, a review committee makes the decision on acceptance in a strict peer review process; the election is confirmed by the Council of the Society. Gerhard Thiel is a member of the Section Physiology & Neuroscience (Class Life Sciences) of the Academia Europaea. At the TU Darmstadt he is head of the Membrane Biophysics Department in the Department of Biology; he is also a researcher at the Centre for Synthetic Biology at the TU.