iNAPO comes to the Hessentag 2019 in Bad Hersfeld


How can we support species protection with robots and drones, how can nature make the human cell “talk” to the body, and why should we learn anything from the success of insects? These are just a few of the exciting questions that the scientists of the LOEWE projects are dealing with and cordially invite all visitors to take a look at the incredibly varied world of basic research. Exciting experiments and lots of illustrative material will be presented – from exhibits from ancient times to nature observations with artificial intelligence. But there is also plenty to do: take on the role of a researcher for a day, observe microorganisms from our everyday lives under the microscope in the outdoor laboratory, extract DNA from peppers and assemble them according to a new “blueprint”. We look forward in any case to your visit from 12 to 13 June daily from 10 to 19 o'clock on the Hessentag 2019!